Utah ski lodging is pretty much confined to the eastern side of Salt Lake City. There is not much ski lodging in the Ogden area, at least not much close to the slopes. There are a handful of small block lodging down in southern Utah at Eagle Point. However, 95% of ski lodging in Utah is going to be in the Snowbird/Alta area or from Deer Valley up to the Canyons.

Alta – Snowbird Lodging

Alta has very little on-mountain lodging to speak of, but they do have some. Alta Lodge, Alta Rustler’s Lodge, Alta Peruvian, Goldminer’s Daughter to name a few. Most of what is available in big quantities, is either in or closer to Snowbird. Snowbird has more block and big block lodging, such as The Cliff Lodge, one of the nicer places up here, The Inn at Snowbird, and Lodge at Snowbird. Between both of these places, there is a smattering of homes and smaller condo units. Almost everywhere you can stay in this area is at max a 5 minute drive to the resort all the way to ski in/ski out.

Deer Valley Lodging

Lodging in Deer Valley is fractured, as there is not really a main base area. There are more like seven mini-bases. So each little base will have some fairly sizable lodges and a few large condo blocks scattered here and there. But most of the lodging is private homes. Homes seem to line every ski trail, and it seems each one built up there is ski in/ski out. Most all of this is fairly high end lodging, but the sheer quantity can keep the prices down.

Park City Lodging

Park City is a full town that is built around a ski area. So there are hotels, motels, private homes, small condo blocks, and big hotels and lodges. The main base area is a little farther away from the town center and there are some ski in/ski out properties at that base, but most of the lodging is close to the slopes, but is all at least a short walk.

The Canyons Lodging

The Canyons is VERY built out with large condos and major hotel lodges, such as Hyatt and Waldorf Astoria. The Canyons is very unique in that there wasn’t much here before the build out, so they could practically create a city structure around the base. The big lodges are close, the condo blocks right after that, and then a few houses. The Canyons is the spot for you if you like luxury all around you.

Solitude Lodging

Solitude lodging will sneak up on you. It’s not a big resort, but they have big time lodging at the skier’s right base. All very new and plenty of it to handle families vacationing to this small but fierce hill.

Salt Lake City Lodging

Bedding down in SLC has plenty of upsides. It will be cheaper. You have access to more food options and nightlife. It is less than an hour away. If you can handle a little early call and a short decompression time in the car on the way home, this can be a way to vacation on the cheap. Sure, you miss out on the nighttime mountain vibe, but this works for some people.