One of the greatest things about skiing in Utah is how close the resorts are to the airport and the city. This can mean you don’t need to rent car, but can just take a Utah ski shuttle to nearly any resort. Certainly, the Park City area has the most options since it has the most visitors and the largest capacity, but there are busses and ski shuttles that go to every resort and can carry up to 12 people.

Tips on Using Utah Ski Shuttles

A shuttle or car service is not for everyone or every situation. It is one answer to the problem of getting from A to B, but it is not the only answer. However, more often than not, people DON’T choose a shuttle when they should. So here are some things to think about when you are planning your transportation.

Number of Days. The more days you are staying, the more a Utah ski shuttle can make sense. Let’s take Utah Mountain Shuttle’s listed prices as an example. You are a family of four headed to Park City. That’s $148 each way. Let’s call it an even $300 roundtrip. If you are skiing only two days, you could rent a car for $98/day and save money. But if you are skiing for five days or more, that daily fee for the car starts to lose you money.

Destination. Sure, it matters if it’s farther away because your ski shuttle will be more expensive, but what we mean is that if you are headed to Park City, where there is a great bus system and plenty of restaurants and nightlife, then you don’t need a car. But if you are going to ski at Powder Mountain, where there isn’t much lodging or restaurants, a shuttle only solves one part of your problem.

Number of People. Shuttles are usually cheaper per person the more people you have. If you have a big group, you should first investigate whether or not a shuttle makes sense. Sometimes a really big group will rent an SUV and most everyone will shuttle in. Then they have the SUV to make booze and grocery runs or get to other resorts in smaller groups.

Here is a list of some of the popular Utah ski shuttle companies

Park City Taxi
Utah Mountain Shuttle
Canyon Transportation
Black Diamond Shuttle
All Resort Express
Runabouts Shuttle
Utah Quicksilver