Here’s the thing: no matter which resort you choose to ski, you can rent skis on the mountain at all of them. This is not just true of Utah ski rentals, but pretty much every other hill on the planet will have the same deal. This part is common sense. However, there is a lot of other common sense that people miss about renting ski and snowboard equipment. So I guess maybe it’s not that common.

Biggest Tip on Utah Ski Rentals

Book online at least a couple days in advance. First, if you book through us, you will save 20% because we have a discount with major ski rental companies in the state. Second, it is much quicker to book this stuff online than it is in person. Third, you can compare prices online since most every ski shop has an online rental form. You just fill everything out, look at the price, and see who has the best deal. You can almost certainly get better deals online than you can from just walking up to the counter and asking for them, once you are already dressed up and ready to go skiing.

No Rental Company Ever Claims to Have the Best Gear

It’s not that ski shops don’t have good gear, it’s that everyone pretty much has the same stuff. They likely have difference brands, but unless you are an amazing skier who happens to not own your own gear, most people cannot tell the difference, nor do they know which skis/boards perform better for the terrain. Just know that you are going to get as good of gear as you can afford (meaning, there are sport, premium, and demo packages), and all of it will do the trick.

Ways to Save if You are Driving

As with everything in a ski resort, prices are higher for Utah ski rentals at the resort vs. in Salt Lake City. Matter of fact, Christy Sports and Ski ‘N See are both about $8/day/person cheaper in SLC vs any of the resorts. Same stuff. Same company. All you have to do is drag your skis 45 minutes. If you are a family of 4 skiing for 3 days, that ends up being $100 savings just for grabbing them in town. Sure, it’s a bit more of a hassle, but not much, and definitely worth $100 of hassle. Of course, if you don’t have a big enough car or a ski rack, then this doesn’t work, but it is a little trick of the trade.

Buy Your Own Helmet

First, you need a helmet. Not just for the kids but for everyone in your group. 80+% of skiers and riders are going to have a helmet, so don’t be one of the fools. It doesn’t matter how good you are. You can be standing in the right spot and still get crushed by someone who has lost control. Helmets look pretty good these days, so it’s not even about fashion. Just wear one, okay?

But if you don’t own and need to rent, it’s going to be around $10-$12/day/helmet. A new helmet will run at least $40, $65 for a solid one and as much as $130 for a fancy one. If you go on the cheap side, then you are going to pay close to the full cost of a helmet in one ski trip. More than this, though, you don’t want your sweaty head to sweat where someone else’s sweaty head has already sweated, do you? That’s our take anyway.

Here are some of the top Utah ski rental companies:

Christy Sports

Black Tie Ski Delivery

Ski N See

Utah Ski & Golf

Alpine Sports

Park City Sport

Canyon Sports

A J Motion Sports